When I was planning my wedding, I was adamant in not hiring a wedding coordinator. We were  trying to save money and we thought we could do everything on our own. This was mostly true until weeks before our event when we started to wonder who would be on site to greet and coordinate the vendors while we were getting ready and who would keep us on track to make sure we got to every scheduled event during the wedding. As the wedding grew closer, I grew more worried and decided to reach out to a bunch of wedding coordinators to find someone to work on just my wedding day. Most had these ridiculously expensive packages, and I couldn't stomach paying thousands of dollars to have someone do what I had already been doing this whole time. And then I met Nicole Conway.

At our first meeting with her, I could tell that she was on the same page as me - super detail orientated, very organized, experienced, practical, and really friendly. It was love at first sight. She walked us through all of the things that she would be responsible for, what we would be responsible for, and gave me productive feedback on all of the things I had already been working on. Best of all, she didn't pressure us into thinking we needed to hire someone. When we left that meeting, my husband and I got in the car and both agreed immediately that we wanted to hire her. We felt confident that she was what we needed to make this last bit of stress go away.

Nicole organized our rehearsal at the venue and we ran through the final details of the wedding day the night before. When the wedding day came, I was still anxious, but not as much as I would have been without her. Seeing her face at the beginning of the ceremony really calmed me down because I knew that she had made sure the venue looked exactly how I wanted it to and that she would keep us on track the entire night. She understood my vision for how the event would look and go and made sure to jump through hoops to help achieve it. And everything went off without a hitch! Even when we did have a small situation where I forgot something at the hotel, her assistant did not hesitate to run back down the street and grab it. So amazing!

During the reception, Nicole made sure we got to sit down and eat, which I was truly grateful for because our food was amazing and it gave my husband and I a peaceful moment to take everything in (the night really does fly by so quickly!). And even though it wasn't in her job description, she stayed to help us clean up afterward, something I am so incredibly grateful for! She was so helpful and considerate; she didn't leave us high and dry.

I honestly don't know what I would have done without Nicole. A million people probably would have tried asking me and my husband logistical questions or questions about timing - it likely would have been a nightmare. But with Nicole there on the day of, we really could relax and enjoy everything. Not a single worry in the world. We got to mingle with each one of our 135  guests and checked everything off the list (photos, dancing, speeches, bouquet toss, etc...) smoothly. It was wonderful! Working with Nicole and her assistant, Heidi, was so easy, something I really appreciated. They both were so sweet and so accommodating, they did an incredible job! If you are thinking of hiring a wedding day coordinator, stop thinking and do it - hire Nicole. She's TOTALLY worth it!

Mr. and Mrs. Beccarelli

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Mr. and Mrs. Bunton

We hired Nicole to be our day of coordinator for our wedding and were not disappointed! Nicole was absolutely amazing, from helping with rentals, planning our timeline, setting up the venue the day of, and keeping us on track throughout the evening! The night definitely would not have gone as smooth without her! She is detail oriented, organized, and extremely helpful! Our event would not have been the same if not for her!

Mr. and Mrs. Daily

Nicole is awesome! Hiring her was the best money we spent during our wedding process. She made our day go smoothly and kept everything organized & on time. I had a stress free day because she was there taking care of everything. She made my ceremony & reception sites look just like I imagined & I couldnt of asked for her to do anything more.


Mr. and Mrs. Terry

Photo Credit: Liz Zimmbelman Photography

AMAZING!! I wish I could leave more than 5 stars, I definitely would. From the first time we spoke with and met with Nicole, she was extremely friendly, professional and detail oriented. We knew right away we wanted to book with her. She helped us with all the smallest details and recommended vendors (all of which we booked for our wedding) Everyone she recommends and works with has the same friendly, professional attitude and cares about all the smallest details. Which was so very important to us! I couldn’t have imagined my wedding day without Nicole.
She was so relaxed and supportive, but made sure that my wedding was everything that I had dreamed of. She truly was such a blessing to our day and I know she is highly regarded.
We couldn’t have been happier. Besides my handsome hubby, she was the best decision
I’ve ever made!!

Mr. & Mrs. Kobrock

When you start the process of getting married, it is a very stressful time; and you want everything to be perfect. Nicole helped make that happen for me. It was not only her attention to details, but she made me, as the bride, her number one priority. From making sure I ate a little something before the wedding, to touching up my make-up before pictures, Nicole takes care of you so that all you have to worry about is enjoying the day with your new husband.  Our wedding was more than we ever imagined, and it wouldn't have been possible without Nicole's help.

Mr. and Mrs. Porteous

We had our wedding May 5th, 2018 at the Heirloom Inn and Nicole was amazing with all of her help for our wedding. When we met with her she was able to help a create a timeline for when we should have things done leading up to the wedding. She was also able to give us recommendations to vendors she has worked with in the past. We did not realize how many little things you need to have ready for the day of the wedding. Nicole also helped us create a timeline for the day of the wedding so that everyone was on the same page and everything transitioned smoothly. On our wedding day she made sure that all the vendors arrived on time and that everything was in place so that we could just enjoy getting ready for the big day. I would highly recommended Conway Creations if you want to have a stress free day.

Mr. and Mrs. Wasykliw

When planning our wedding, my husband and I felt like we had it all down. But as the day started to approach, we both felt nervous about the day of preparations. I had met Nicole of Conway Creations the year prior and decided to contact her about day of wedding planning. It was the best decision we made. The security we felt months before the wedding and the day of the wedding was so what I needed as a bride and my husband needed as a groom. Nicole and her associate Stacey were so attentive and caring through the entire process and provided a lot more than what we bargained for.

Both Stacey and Nicole were in contact with us up and until the day before the wedding without any hesitation. On the day of the wedding, we were attended to and taken care of by Stacey (Nicole had her first baby on our wedding day). Stacey made sure I was not aware of any slight glitches during our day and made sure our wedding was what we dreamed it would be. Even my family and friends raved about how great it was to have her there to help!

I recommend that anyone planning their wedding, hire Conway Creations whether it be for the full wedding planning or just the day of services. This service was absolutely priceless. I will be keeping them in my contacts for life.

Mr. and Mrs. Giannini

Nicole Conway flew out to Colorado for the weekend to coordinate my wedding on April 26, 2014. She was not only qualified in her duties and experience but extremely friendly with wedding guests and the wedding party. When my church coordinator had failed us Nicole stepped in to coordinate the church activities and the line-up. Without her it would have been complete chaos and very frustrating to the wedding party, so we were glad to have her there for the rehearsal too. The wedding day was amazing and we received many compliments from guests that it was the most organized event they have ever been to. It flowed nice and Nicole was there to direct me and my husband throughout the whole day and make us feel calm and collected. This was incredibly important especially on a day when you are so stressed and overcome with joy it is hard to stay coordinated with your timeline unless there is someone there to guide you through your day. I highly recommend Nicole and appreciate her taking a weekend away to Colorado to do my event; her calming presence and positive attitude were definitely noted by her experience and ability to get the job done. I honestly have no complaints and I am grateful to have done business with her. 

Mr. and Mrs. Brainerd

My husband was very hesitant to hire a "day of" wedding planner, not knowing what that entailed. We met Nicole and immediately knew she would be an important part of our wedding. We went with the day of planner which was way more than just the day of. We were able to reach out to Nicole for suggestions and all questions we had about our venue. She was there for the 30 days out meeting with the venue and ran our rehearsal. She coordinated with our vendors and even helped with our ice cream sandwich bar. I was stress free on the day of our wedding knowing that any issues that came up would be taken care of and even better, that I wouldn't be aware of them. Our wedding day was perfect! Nicole kept us on schedule. She meshed so well with our personalities and we really enjoyed getting to know her. We have already put her name out there for friends and family as we sincerely felt like she was one of the best investments made on our wedding day! (seriously).

Mr. and Mrs. Cassotta

Conway Creations will go above and beyond for you. Nicole and her team were hired to serve as the wait staff at our backyard wedding. There were several event planning companies to choose from, we were overwhelmed with choices. Once we met with Nicole (the owner) we were excited to have her as a part of our big day! She was organized, enthusiastic, and also very affordable. Just what every bride and groom needs! Not only did they make sure everything was set up perfectly at the reception, they made sure we as the bride and groom had everything we needed. Food, drinks, and even made sure to ask if were feeling okay (as weddings can be stressful). It was great! They also did a fantastic job keeping the reception nice and tidy! We trusted that they would make sure our wedding was a success, and it was more than we could have asked for!!! 

Mr. and Mrs. Skidmore

We hired Nicole for day-of coordination and also hired four of her staff members to work the wedding. Nicole and her staff were incredible. We literally could not have pulled off our wedding without them and consider her services the best money we spent on our entire wedding. We had the wedding in the backyard of a private residence, with the ceremony and reception both happening in the same space. During the indoor cocktail hour, Nicole and her staff turned the entire backyard from the ceremony to reception, which involved removing the ceremony chairs and benches and setting up 10 dinner tables, complete with flowers and place settings. Nicole and her staff also assembled our desserts (strawberry shortcakes) during dinner so that they were fresh for guests. After dinner, they moved tables out of the way to make space for dancing, without disturbing any guests (many guests didn't even see her or her staff during this time bc they were so stealthy). By the end of the night, we realized she had broken down all unused tables, chairs, and decorations so that they could be picked up in the morning by the rental company. She and her staff truly did so much work to pull off our special day. Me, my husband, our family, and guests did not have to lift a finger the entire day. Not only did they make the whole day possible, they were so kind and friendly. Nicole was responsive to our needs the process, and she was a bargain compared to some other planners. I truly can't recommend her enough.

Mr. and Mrs. Bonifacini

Nicole was an AMAZING wedding coordinator. She was always there when I needed her throughout the planning and made sure I was happy and comfortable with all the decisions I made. I literally knew NOTHING about how to plan a wedding and she held my hand the entire way. As impressed as I was with her during the planning, she was outstanding during the day of my wedding. She made sure everything ran smoothly and that we were happy. Thanks Nicole for everything!dy benefits.

Mr. & Mrs. Reyes

We could not thank Nicole with Conway Creations enough for being such a wonderful wedding planner! Our wedding day would not have gone as well as it did without the help of Nicole and her assistant. They were always there when we needed them. They are extremely organized, positive, friendly, professional and very attentive throughout our whole wedding. Nicole exceeded our expectation as her role as our wedding coordinator. We could count on her for everything. We truly believe that our wedding day went so smoothly and stress free because of her. We highly recommend Nicole to all my friends, family and anyone else looking for an excellent wedding planner!

Mr. and Mrs. Brooks

Nicole was very responsive and helpful. She helped use her contacts to connect me with other vendors in the area. I am so glad I invested in hiring her as my event coordinator it made the few weeks leading up to my wedding so much easier. I can not imagine how much more stress I would have been under if I had not. But, that was not the most important part, the day of I did not have to worry about ANYTHING because I knew that Nicole new my vision and would handle it.

Words of advise to any upcoming bride, get yourself an event coordinator and use Nicole if she is in your area!

Lexie and Anton

We used Nicole's day-of wedding coordination services and she was such a pleasure to work with. We met with her several times before the day to lock in rentals and to work through the flow of our wedding day. She was always willing to provide recommendations for everything from vendors to decor ideas. We appreciated how she was able to help communicate our vision for the day to our vendors. The day of was a breeze all because of her and her staff! Couldn't have been happier :)

Mr. & Mrs. Leonard

For my wedding this past September our venue had recommended we work with Nicole as our day of coordinator. I'm so thankful that we did!!! Nicole was way more than the day of coordinator. She checked in with me regularly months before the wedding, sent me texts when she saw things that reminded her of my perfect wedding vision, she worked out every detail with my vendors, led our rehearsal dinner, made sure that every detail I had in my head came to reality on the day of the wedding, and even became a seamstress when one of my bridesmaids had a serious wardrobe malfunction minutes before the ceremony was to start. On my wedding day she and her staff was amazing. I didn't have a worry in the world because I knew Nicole was there to make sure my day was perfect- and it truly was. There wasn't one thing I would do differently. My day was really a dream come true- and it was because of the support and guidance of Nicole.

Mr. & Mrs. Limon

I couldn't have asked for a better planner then Nicole with Conway Creations. She was always there when I needed her and also there when I didn't think I needed her. She kept me on track and in order, which is needed when having a wedding. She went above and beyond her duties and roles as a planner. All my bridesmaids and family loved and adored Nicole. She not only met my needs but went the extra mile to accommodate and make sure all my maids and family were taken care of. I truly believe I wouldn't have had the wedding I did or have it go so smoothly if it weren't for her. It was a pleasure and honor to work with her and I highly recommend Nicole to my friends, family and anyone else looking for a wedding planner.

Mr. and Mrs. Davis

Let me start by saying that we had the BEST time at our own wedding because Nicole was so amazing!! Nicole came recommended from our venue the Courtyard d'Oro. We hired her as a month of planner which means I handed all of the vendor contracts, responsibility, etc. to her 30 days before our wedding. Nicole, however, was available and involved way before the month of our wedding. She really went above and beyond to ease my concerns about every detail through the entire process. Nicole seamlessly changed our venue around when it decided to rain on the day of our wedding. She rearranged the floor plan and moved vendors inside all while making it look like it was the plan all along. If you ask us, not one thing went wrong nor were there any problems throughout the entire day. We would never know if there were any issues because Nicole is THAT good at what she does. Thanks again, Nicole, for making our day absolutely perfect!!

Mr. and Mrs. Yee

We hired Nicole as our day of coordinator. At first, we were not sure if we even needed one but later on were very happy that we hired her. Nicole went well beyond her responsibilities, answered all our questions no matter what, gave good advice, took care of all the small details that we did not think of, coordinated all our vendors successfully and was always very organized and professional. With her on board, we had perfect peace of mind. Not only did she make sure that we were well taken care of before our wedding but it was smooth sailing with her throughout our big day. She ran the show and ensured that everything went perfectly. We highly recommend hiring Nicole as she will make sure your day is unforgettable for all the right reasons.

Susan (Mother of the Bride)

My daughter and I probably could have planned the wedding without any help, but I am so glad we decided to hire Nicole as our day-of-planner. She attended to our every need and made sure we didn't have to worry about any of the details that day. She coordinated all the vendors and ensured everything went off without a hitch. If there was a problem, we never knew about it. Nicole was so easy to talk to. She never pressured us in any way. She was able to understand my daughter's vision and offer suggestions. My daughter an I selected vendors based on their responsiveness to our phone calls. Nicole returned my 1st call 20 minutes after leaving a message on a Saturday afternoon and met with us the next day. Some vendors waited 2 weeks to return calls! I know we hired Nicole as a day-of-planner, but she made herself available to us for the 8 months before the wedding date. I highly recommend Nicole!

Mr. and Mrs. Gallegos

Nicole was excellent in helping us do light preparation for our day. Every time we left from a meeting I felt more at ease. On the day of the wedding Nicole and her staff went over and above what I expected. They were so helpful in keeping me calm and constantly bringing me water and anything we needed. Nicole's assistant was also great in helping us pose our children in pictures. My mother was very impressed and could not stop raving about how wonderful they were. All the food was served beautifully and timely. They day went so smooth I could not have imagined my wedding without Nicole there to run the show. She was also great with my other vendors. Honestly it was the best investment we made so that we could actually enjoy our day and not worry about anything else because we knew Nicole would take care of it. Thank you to Nicole and her staff for making our event even more than what we expected.

Mr. and Mrs. Switzler

With out Nicole I'm pretty sure I would have had a mental breakdown the day of my wedding. She did an amazing job dealing with things and keeping things going even when things were not going as planned. She is a life saver!

Mr. and Mrs. Meinhofer

An enjoyable and stress free wedding day that Nicole Conway made my wedding day very enjoyable and stress free. I was able to focus on the people I love and the experiences of my day. Nicole followed through executing all of the wedding plans to every meticulous detail I had planned my wedding. She did everything from helping decorate to executing the detailed time line to even helping my youngest daughter deal with the emotions of the day. I recommend Nicole with the highest regard and definitely will hire her for every event.

Mr and Mrs. Francis

Nicole was awesome from start to finish and helped me pick out most of my vendors. She even lined up the appointments for us and confirmed the arrangements. Made our wedding day perfect from start to finish. Thank you so much for everything and I would highly recommend Nicole to any bride getting married!

Mr. and Mrs. Billings

Nicole is the best wedding coordinator ever! I absolutely loved her great attitude and professionalism. Ladies with "loud, vocal or divorced" families need to hire Nicole ASAP! She was able to help me with planning a ceremony with a divorced family that satisfied every side. Nicole kept everyone (especially me) on task and made my wedding run so smoothly. I am so pleased I hired her. Great flexibility with appointments and great referrals! Nicole and her staff were all smiles and really went above and beyond the call of duty for my wedding day. Her assistant was also a pleasure and was always friendly and smiling. Honestly no complaints here!

Mr. and Mrs. Corte

Choosing Nicole Conway as our day of wedding coordinator was a no-brainer for my wife and I. She is extremely sweet, easy to work with and very organized. We planned our wedding cross country and Nicole was there every step of the way to help make sure our special day went exactly as planned. She also coordinated the weddings of many of our family and friends, who also had great experiences with her. I highly recommend Nicole for anyone who needs an outstanding wedding or event planner in Northern California!

Mr. and Mrs. Scofield

We met Nicole at my brothers wedding a few months before ours and were amazed at how she made everything run smooth for them and went the extra mile. She certainly did for us and made sure on our wedding day it was actually stress free. There was one mistake with the DJ playing the wrong intro song for the bride but she very quickly corrected it and it ended up just being a funny story we tell now thanks to her work. I highly recommend her services! Professional and exceeds all expectations.

Mr. and Mrs. Scofield

Nicole was more than I could have ever expected! Her attention to detail; professionalism and attitude was amazing. I was looking for a wedding planner and also came out with a friend. Can't go wrong with Nicole! It's totally worth the expense :)

Mr. and Mrs. Findley

Nicole was amazing! I had to change my venue 2 days prior to my wedding because of a wildfire, and she completely stepped it up to made sure I still got my dream wedding. I cannot recommend her enough!

Mr. and Mrs. Barker

Thank you Nicole for all you did! I felt like the day went by very smoothly, thanks to you. Again, thank you sooo much for everything!!! 

Mr. & Mrs. Boswell

Nicole with Conway Creations was fantastic! She went above and beyond to assist with every aspect of coordinating our big day. I didn't have to worry about anything because I knew she had it handled. She was so creative and helpful. I would recommend her to everyone!!! 

Mr. & Mrs. Wynkoop

Conway Creations exceeded all of our expectations!! Our wedding was masterfully orchestrated! Nicole was professional on every level and didn't miss a beat. All the "little things" that every bride worries about were covered and then some. I will recommend Conway Creations to every bride!! Thank you again and again!

Mr. and Mrs. Flores

Weddings are expensive. But, the one thing that was worth the most, but came at a very reasonable price was Nicole Conway and her very talented team. Nicole was so thorough during the entire time leading up to our wedding and that did not change on our special day. Before hiring anyone for your venue, hire a seasoned, creative, and spunky planner like Nicole Conway! She is the absolute best! 

Mr. and Mrs. Martinez

I would strongly recommend any bride who is getting ready to start planning a wedding to hire a wedding coordinator especially if its Conway Creations. Nicole was awesome in making sure every single detail was covered for my special day. She was always one step ahead of me and made me feel confident that on the day of the wedding I wouldn't have to worry about a thing. The day of the wedding I was calm and relaxed thanks to Nicole. The day was perfect and stress free!

Mr. & Mrs. Lancaster

We can't thank Nicole with Conway Creations enough for making it a wonderful day.  We got so many compliments which makes us feel really good.  Nicole was a perfect choice for our wedding.  No matter how small the question or concern they were resolved quickly and many great ideas to choose from.  On the day of the wedding my husband and I enjoyed the day without any worries.  This could not have be done without Conway Creations. Thank you Nicole!

Mr. & Mrs. Kumars

Everything went off without a hitch for the two days of our wedding and I'm just happy it was successful and we no longer have to worry about planning/coordinating/paying vendors. We really appreciate all of your help with the wedding.

For our daughter's wedding, the groom's parents hired Nicole Conway (Conway Creations and Events) for the day-of coordination. Although she was hired only for the day-of, she was extremely helpful with any problems or questions we had prior to the event. The wedding took place in our backyard. Nicole and her crew, with Stacey as her assistant, could not have been more professional or helpful. They completely took all the stress out of the day so we could enjoy the event. They were on top of everything. Someone dropped a glass on the dance floor and there were 3 of them immediately cleaning up the broken glass.  Some guests were sitting on the pool deck and they went and got chairs for them. They notice what needs attention and they take care of it. We always do our own entertaining so it was difficult for us to completely depend on someone else to take care of all the details. After a short time we realized that we could relax because they could take care of anything that came up. I would think of something that might need attention and they would already have it taken care of. I really can't say enough about how good they were. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for event planning and/or staffing. They were absolutely the best!

Mr. and Mrs. Cassidy (parents of the Bride)

I can't tell you how many people let me know how wonderful Nicole and her staff were for my son's wedding.  They are the best, especially Nicole and Stacey.  Everyone loved Conway Creations and they were highly praised. I can't thank them enough. Nicole was even more fabulous than we knew she already was.  We are so grateful for their professionalism and as importantly that quality of being so nice to everyone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Nicole and Stacey are terrific!!!

Mr. and Mrs. Miller (parents of the Groom)

Nicole and Stacey of Conway Creations were excellent! Their extense knowledge of wedding dos and donts helped them to lead me in the right direction for exactly what I wanted my special day to resemble. I had the Pixie Dust Consultation Package which was more than enough for my needs, but they offer many more packages and ala carte services which would absolutely suit yours!

Mr. and Mrs. Sims

Nicole's assistance the day of the wedding was fantastic! She supervised the entire set-up and tear down and handled all the issues that arose. The best part was we showed up when we needed to and left when we wanted and had confidence and peace of mind that everything would be taken care of perfectly! Flawless!

Mr. and Mrs. Nickey

Conway Creations did the coordination for our wedding day. The day would not have gone as well as it did without Nicole and her assistant Stacey, it was actually better than we had imagined! They are extremely organized, positive, friendly, and very attentive throughout the whole wedding. Also, even though they were just 'day of' coordinators, they helped me with issues I needed a little guidance with in the months before the wedding day, i.e. planning the timeline. I highly recommend Conway Creations to anyone in need of an excellent wedding planner! 

Mrs. Chen

Nicole Conway was our fairy godmother on our wedding weekend! Nicole and her staff made sure everything, I mean everything, went the way we had hoped. They were extremely detailed and organized. From how to exchange rings to where the gifts will end up at the end of the night, Nicole had a solution. Their planning and execution resulted in our perfect wedding! We cannot thank them enough!
Mr. Chen

Conway Creations was a life SAVER!! Nicole and her team were experienced and professional. Nicole made my 15 year wedding renewal run smoothly. We could of never made this happen without Nicole. My hat goes off to you!! Conway Creations exceed my expectations!!!  Thank again!!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Conway Creations did an AMAZING job serving at our wedding. Even the guests were commenting on how attentive and nice the staff was.   I really could not have asked for better service.  I would HIGHLY recommend them.

Mr. & Mrs. Schneider

We could not have been happier with your services. You guys are amazing. Thank you so much to everyone involved. They went above and beyond to make our wedding stress-free. I really appreciated that despite being busy, they took the time to make sure we were fed and had enough water/wine/whatever. We couldn't have done this without them, and we're so glad they were there!!! Our wedding was perfect, and all of you were a major part of that.

Thank you again. If you ever want to use me as a recommendation, I'm thrilled to do it. We love Conway Creations!!!
Mr. & Mrs. Thorsby

I used Conway Creations to serve at my Christmas party and was very pleased with their service.  They were timely, professional and attentive.  I definitely will use them again for my next party.

Allen Spivey

Nicole was INCREDIBLE! She is intuitive, clever, and takes the initiative. She "managed" my party so I could hang out with my guests...when she left, the dishes were done, the food was put away and the kitchen was tidy! She was a dream to work with and I look forward to more parties because she'll have my back!!! And she's nice...sometimes Event Managers can be a bit bitchy, but not Nicole!

Julie Craig-Graduation Party

I cannot begin to express how amazing Nicole and her team were. They were absolutely professional, classy, incredibly helpful...Nicole was always five steps ahead of us anticipating our needs before we knew we had them. We truly credit Conway Creations for ensuring that our wedding went off without a hitch. Nicole is knowledgeable, supportive, and highly flexible. We called her in at the last minute, due to poor planning on our part, and she jumped right in and saved the day! And the pricing is phenomenal for the outstanding level of service. Thanks Conway Creations for helping to make our wedding day a dream come true!

Sara and Robin

Thank you so much for your wonderful help and advice to plan our wedding. The day of the wedding, I was scared something would go wrong, but Nicole made sure everything was in place and on time.  Nicole made our special day so perfect and we planned our wedding in 2 months. Thank you, Nicole.

Mr. & Mrs. Jones

My wedding was just as I envisioned thanks to Nicole!  Her attention to detail and organizational skills helped make my wedding seem less daunting.  She always provided a different perspective on the day-to-day decisions that are so difficult to make as a stressed-out bride.  With her creativity and assistance I made my own beautiful flower girl baskets, programs, and even our bridal bouquets! I would not hesitate to recommend Nicole to any of my friends or family.  Nicole was my very own fairy godmother that helped me create my "happily ever after."

Mr. & Mrs. Weddell

Vendor Referrals

Thank you so much for taking the reins and plowing through everything to make our vision a reality. You were so integral to making this happen and I am so happy to have met you.   

Jennifer Brotchie, Jennifer Brotchie Photography

Conway Creations and Events is the perfect place to go if you need event planning with heart. Nicole makes sure that every detail is planned well in advance, and she has the type of personality that makes you feel comfortable, stress-free and excited about your wedding! We highly recommend Conway Creations and Events.    

Reverend Rick Tan

Conway Creations has helped me in staffing events for over a year now and they have been a great company to work with. They have also helped with event planning and I appreciate their work ethic, organization and attention to detail.  

Chef Laura Stewart, Indulge Gourmet

Our company hired Conway Creations as servers for our event. They were very helpful, attentive and did their job with a smile. I would definitely go with Conway Creations for future events.    Jennifer China, Our Vaada

Conway Creations is at their peak! Nicole is brilliant, thoughtful, creative and places her attention to details that you may or may not consider! We highly recommend working with this team!   Suzanne Glassman, Morning Star Entertainment

Nicole is an amazing person and wedding planner. She has an eye for detail and really understands what is important to a bride, being that she just recently wed the love of her life. She is organized and has excellent communication skills, she is easy to talk to and really listens to what your saying. She becomes more than your planner, she becomes a friend by your side. I would recommend her to anyone, anytime and without reservations.        

Rebecca Salinas, Sweet Cakes by Rebecca